Saturday, January 10, 2009

Points of View

Optimist: "The glass is half full."

Pessimist: "The glass is half empty."

Realist: "Yep, that's a glass alright."

Idealist: "One day, cold fusion from a glass of water will provide unlimited energy and end all wars."

Capitalist: "If I bottled this and gave it a New Age-y sounding name, I could make a fortune."

Communist: "This glass of water belongs to all of us in equal measure."

Conspiracist: "The government is adding fluoride to this glass of water for mind control purposes."

Sexist: "This glass isn't gonna refill itself, sweetcheeks..."

Nihilist: "This glass doesn't exist, and neither do I."

Opportunist: "There's a funny T-shirt in here somewhere..."

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